20090122411 by Warpr

Eleven tunes for your sexy summer soundtrack

Or #whyIamlookingforwardtoRecordStoreDay

Record Store Day always has a special place in my heart – from years when I didn’t get properly organised so ended up watching some bands in Head in Bromley to other years.

Other years when I went with friends who wanted to pick up one thing but didn’t want to queue so ended up watching amazing sets by DJ Yoda and Gang of Four and eating sumptuous Philly cheesesteaks. And years where I’d spend around 50 quid on records I’ll probably never listen to (because I don’t want to open the shrinkwrap.

Rough Trade by Von_Boot
The Rough Trade shop in Brick Lane, East London, is a great place to buy all your Record Store Day vinyl –
“rough trade @ brick lane” by von_boot is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
Corona by Duncan Riley
Record Store Day has been rearranged – again – due to the coronavirus pandemic – “Corona” by duncanriley is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

As someone who spends far too much time looking at decks online (and also CD decks) while wondering whether to replace the Sony record player I’ve had since I was 16, it’s fair to say I was looking forward to this year’s event.

It was supposed to be on Saturday coming (June 20). Well, it was supposed to be rearranged Record Store Day after the original one in April was postponed – no prizes for guessing why.

Now, seemingly hedging their bets, the organisers have – according to NME – decided to have it over three separate days (although time will tell which ones actually take place.

Looking at this year’s releases for Record Store Day raises as many questions as always – like who out there will be purchasing Ace of Base‘s The Sign on vinyl? (I’m not hating – I had the album on tape – but that was 27 years ago! People have moved on.)

M-Theory Music by Spiffarella
Most of the records I buy on Record Store Day just stay in the shrinkwrap when I get them home – “M-Theory Music” by Spifferella is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
20090122411 by Warpr
I’ve been looking at buying record decks and CD decks but nothing quite like this boombox, until now – “20090122411” by warpr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

I think this year the only thing I’m interested in is the special release by The Lovely Eggs. Fingers crossed there are enough record shops able to open to make the day a big success.

Fingers crossed because, after several years of not listening to much music, apart from at gigs, and thinking people on the Tube with AirPods look like they are wearing cheap Christmas cracker earrings (they do – don’t @ me), it’s music that’s keeping me going through lockdown.

Fiskal Policy’s from previous weeks have mentioned Salad and The Subways listening parties, Tim’s Twitter Listening Parties and DJ Yoda’s Wednesday night sets.

But in the daytime it’s BBC Radio 1 where I spend most of my days – with a lot of love for 6 Music too. I’m painfully aware I’m not the age Radio 1 is targeting but I cannot face BBC Radio 2, don’t know what BBC Radio 3 is about and BBC Radio 4 seems to be more for when I’m in work mode.

Your sexy summer playlist

To this end, for this week’s Fiskal Policy here are eleven tracks I’m recommending for your summer playlist (most are newish).

If I ever manage to have a virtual housewarming I’ll play them there and you can check out the Spotify playlist so you can play them at your next barbecue (if you are lucky enough to have a garden).

  • Blissful Life by Ludwig A.F.
  • Make a Move by Nørus
  • Circle the Drain by Soccer Mommy
  • They Told Us It Was Hard, But They Were Wrong by Ela Minus
  • Pista (Great Start) by Los Bitchos
  • Turn Up The Heat by Reggae Roast
  • I’m Not Eating Like I Used To by China Bears
  • Life Advice by The Cool Greenhouse
  • Growing Pains by Abbie Ozard
  • I Am King by Nasty Cherry
  • Divine Intervention by PVA

Stay safe for another week!