Spice Girls Bus

Spice up your life with a stay on the Spice Girls the Movie bus

Or #Zigazigah

Geri Halliwell’s mum taught me how to mop a floor.

I became good friends with a Longpigs fan through an appeal I put on Teletext for photos for my Spice Girls albums (because I didn’t want to pay for them).

I seem to remember buying a Spice Girls single at the same time I bought Country House by Blur and Oasis’s Roll with It.

And one night on the train back from Euston after a gig at the Astoria I took* a picture from a man’s copy of The Sun (*he gave it to me) and walked up and down all the carriages carrying out a poll to find out people’s favourite Spice Girl.

So when Spice Girls: The Movie came out obviously my friend and I drove to the local cinema to watch it (and didn’t know whether to say hi to the girl I fancied when she came out of the same screening).

And now 24 years later I have discovered that you can stay in the bus from the film.

Not stay forever (viva forever) but for a few nights on the Isle of Wight through AirBnB.

I first became aware of it through the 2Chill website so credit to them for finding the listing.

On the website it says there is now enough space to sleep three, with a double bed and a single, and there also appear to be a couple of disco balls to recreate all your favourite Spice Girls karaoke moments.

I’m not sure if they have kept the swing that Baby Spice sat on in the film but there are some fluffy dressing gowns.

It doesn’t come cheap though. If I wanted to stay there for the night of my birthday it would cost £200.

I suppose split between three that’s probably not much more than the cost of a share of a hotel room on the Isle of Wight.

But I wonder who will rent it (a lot of people are doing so according to the listings page because there aren’t many dates available for the next few months).

It only sleeps three so isn’t big enough for a hen do and so would it be for a couple who met at a Spice Girls concert years ago?

Maybe if the girl I’d fancied back in 1997 and me had got together then it would have been on our list of wannabe places to stay.

We’ll never know now but let me know if you do book it – and how it was when you get back.

(More pictures and links will be put on here on Tuesday after I’ve been to a festival.)

For now though, spice up your life and stay safe for another week!