Very advert picture 1

Christmas is coming very soon – according to Very

Or #Isittoosoon

By the time you read this (depending on when you read this) the John Lewis Christmas advert might be on TV.

If not maybe the carrot adverts from Aldi or Marks & Spencer might be setting their stall out with a Xmassy scene.

Look at their ugly jumpers
Very advert picture 1
The Very advert knows it is earlier than all the others and plays on this fact by including a scene where trick or treaters get mince pies (Picture is a screenshot from the Very advert)

For now though we have the Very Christmas ad, which has come from the school of “We won’t be the best but if we put it out first then the mainstream media (and maybe even Fiskal Policy if we are really lucky) will write about it.”

The advert itself doesn’t really say much and isn’t entirely memorable with just one hint of cleverness, coming from the self-awareness of the early timing by having the family give mince pies to the trick or treaters.

And the family also keep up the Christmas spirit by wearing fugly matching jumpers. As someone whose worst nightmare would be going out with someone whose family all wear festive jumpers at the dinner table, this part was a lot more triggering than the advert makers ever intended.

But it has got the usual “too soon” brigade talking on social media.

They are the ones who get offended when the mince pies on sale now go off before December 25th.

They are the ones who have adopted Halloween as the official start of the Christmas season (whereas my background means I still count the start being from when I see Santa Claus at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade).

They are the ones who don’t seem to understand that by talking about it on social media they have ensured the advert is covered in stories by journalists, meaning far more people have heard about it than have seen the commercial.

For me though the Very advert being super early isn’t the worst thing to happen in advertising land.

The worst thing is the absolute dross produced by the advertising agency Asda is working with at the moment.

The people who made this advert should be ashamed of themselves
This advert absolutely disgusts me

It started in the first week of the summer holidays when they had a TV advertising campaign where children were rapping about going back to school (please don’t traumatise children by reminding them of the looming date for the start of the autumn term – five weeks before it is necessary).

But the latest advert is quite possibly the worst one ever.

Non-UK readers won’t have had to suffer the monstrosity that is Asda telling people to spring into autumn while a shop assistant and a family bounce around a store.

It is painful to watch and makes me long for the days where people would pat their rear jean pocket and exclaim “That’s Asda price.”

If Asda’s own label bread wasn’t better than other supermarkets that advert would ensure I’d avoid avoid avoid like the plague.

Stay safe for another week!