Megan and Michaela

The tremendously talented world of Lazy Susan on BBC Three

Or #Sizedoesmatter

Imagine looking forward to a night of passion with a partner but then they pull their underwear down they are – well – a lot smaller than expected.

You enjoy yourself but cannot help wondering what it would be like if they were a lot bigger, or even just average size.

Lazy Susan pic from Freya Parker's Instagram
It’s great to see Celeste Dring and Freya Parker’s Lazy Susan show on BBC Three (Picture is from Freya Parker’s Instagram)
Singing snails
Who knew that singing snails were a thing? (Picture is a screenshot from episode one of Lazy Susan on BBC Three)

This was how I felt when watching the first episode of Lazy Susan’s sketch show, which was part of the back to TV relaunch for BBC Three on February 1st.

I grew up with comedy programmes like The Fast Show and The Mary Whitehouse Experience and they both lasted for at least 30 minutes.

But for some reason whoever commissioned Lazy Susan to have their show on BBC Three only asked them to produce episodes lasting just over 14 minutes each.

And, apart from the pilot, at the minute there only seem to be four episodes in the series.

Size really does matter in the world of comedy and I’d like to see the tremendously talented Freya Parker and Celeste Dring be allowed to have a much longer second season.

Anna's mad poo story
Anna’s mad poo story turns a dinner party into a much darker affair (Picture is a screenshot from episode one of Lazy Susan on BBC Three)
A very dark affair indeed (Picture is a screenshot from episode one of Lazy Susan on BBC Three)

I’ve watched all of the episodes in this series simply because 14 minutes just wasn’t enough for me – and I’ll watch them again when they come on TV each Tuesday night.

But, for those of you who haven’t watched everything, I’ll try and restrict this kind of review to episode one.

Listening to friends chatting about mortgages and interest rates isn’t the first time you realise you’ve become a grownup.

It is instead the first time you realise life has become dull. Finding a good drug dealer has been replaced with being annoyed with a solicitor and working out how cheap you can go in Co-Op before the wine tastes too cheap.

It’s not a fun time in life but in the first sketch of the series Lazy Susan manages to smash some humour into that conversation – and some snails.

Megan and Michaela
Megan and Michaela never want any drama but it always seems to find them (Picture is a screenshot from episode one of Lazy Susan on BBC Three)
The mortgage club chat
The mortgage club chat was all too real (Picture is a screenshot from episode one of Lazy Susan on BBC Three)

Megan and Michaela on their way to a baby shower were very funny, with “no drama” and I can somehow really imagine Gary Lineker tucking in to a trifle on a plane.

On iPlayer the description for Lazy Susan is “smart yet totally stupid sketch show” and the smartness is probably best displayed during the Sketch Hotline piece.

Tackling the issue of strangers “taking to Twitter” (and other social media platforms) the piece has a 1970s look about it with the 21st century twist of the anonymous keyboard warriors who probably still live with their mum.

I’m going to say nothing about Sleepy Girls because it isn’t possible to get the brilliance across in words and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

James Acaster makes an appearance
Lazy Susan’s comedian friends, inc;uding James Acaster make an appearance (Picture is a screenshot from episode one of Lazy Susan on BBC Three)
Here’s a trailer for Lazy Susan’s Soho show

As someone who saw Lazy Susan on stage in the pre-pandemic era and then watched their hour long Soho Theatre special when it came along, I was really looking forward to the BBC 3 series and thankfully it didn’t disappoint.

Some of the characters and sketches are a lot funnier than others but that’s to be expected because, a lot like life, not everything can be pants wettingly funny all the time. 

But there is a definite vein of wit running through the show and I laughed out loud in far more places than I have done for TV comedy for quite a few years.

Trolls are invited to phone the sketch hotline (Picture is a screenshot from episode one of Lazy Susan on BBC Three)
Here’s where viewers can watch the show on TV (Picture is a screenshot from BBC Three’s Instagram)

If I was going to call the sketch hotline for one thing it would be to say I was disappointed to not see the Sexy Women . . . with a Catch sketch from their 2018 Edinburgh show extended into a bit for the series.

It could have slotted in the 14 minutes instead of the football fan sketch in (SPOILER ALERT) episode three because I’d argue those are the weakest characters.

Check out the series if you haven’t already done so and keep your fingers crossed for a longer series two.

Stay safe for another week!