The Dress to Impress logo is yellow, greeny blue and pink

Dress to Impress and try not to stress about life

Or #Amisunderstanding

There’s so much uncertainty and misunderstanding in the world these days.

But while I’ll probably never be able to explain and rectify a misunderstanding which occurred this week, I can hopefully one day clear up a bit of uncertainty.

The Dress to Impress logo is yellow, greeny blue and pink
Dress to Impress is a show on ITV2 in the weekend mornings (Picture is from the Dress to Impress Twitter account)

That uncertainty is not about who will be the next prime minister but is about the issue of whether there will ever be any more series of Dress to Impress.

It’s a simple concept where three potential suitors have a set amount of time and a limited budget to buy an outfit for someone they are trying to win a date with.

The person who picks the worst outfit gets sent packing and the remaining two then have to choose another outfit. The chooser of the outfit their potential date likes the most then wins and gets a date.

It started in September 2017 but there is no telling which series is on at the moment on ITV2, nor how many times each episode is repeated (I’ve definitely seen some more than once).

It should definitely be a part of your hangover cure on a Saturday or Sunday morning 

But this isn’t because of the chance to see inside shopping centres across the country. It’s because of the brilliantly funny voiceover by Matt Edmondson, who is more usually heard on BBC Radio 1 with Mollie King.

He knows exactly what to say at exactly the right time.

This is probably because he has written himself a script but sadly life never works out like that.

For anyone wondering about the misunderstanding, I messaged someone earlier this week saying life had changed since April and meant since I’d heard some devastating news and how I’m trying to cope and how life changes meaning when you lose someone you care about.

But instead I think the person I messaged thought I was talking about her, because I asked her out in the spring. I wish there was a chance to explain what I meant.

Stay safe for another week!