Rage Against the Machine are on stage in a black and white photo with a big star as the backdrop

Killing in the name of Reading and Leeds Festival

Or #Badlineupchoices

The 1975 are the kind of band your friend’s parents would have sung along to when they picked you up from school.

They are the middle of the road inoffensive guitar pop band that no-one warned you about. A harder Busted if you like.

Rage Against the Machine are on stage in a black and white photo with a big star as the backdrop
It really doesn’t make sense to have The 1975 as the replacement for Rage Against the Machine (pictured) (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE ★” by Eduardo Llanquileo is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Tracks like this make me really want to see Rage Against the Machine live

No-one warned you about them because they are supposed to be the 3pm slot on the Saturday afternoon at the festival, which you only watch because the stage is near the loaded chips stall.

They aren’t supposed to headline but, to add to this strange time that we are living through, they are headlining Reading and Leeds Festivals.

It was going to be Rage Against the Machine but when they had to cancel someone thought The 1975 was an acceptable replacement.

Yes, why not replace an innovative angry (even though these days a lot of their rage might just be about a wireless printer not working) band with inoffensive bland pop.

If you watch this video you’ll understand what I mean about The 1975 being a mid-Saturday afternoon festival band
The 1975 are like a harder Busted

As you can imagine this hasn’t gone down well with fans demanding their money back after what should be an experience of a lifetime has been ruined.

Last time I checked the organisers were still being mean and saying no to refunds. Their argument is that people don’t buy tickets to a festival just because they want to see one band. My thinking is they just know that thousands of people would ask for their money back if they gave it so are just trying to hold their ground as best as they could.

The best way for this to be resolved is for the organisers to put on a better headline act.

The other way this can be resolved is for The 1975 to play their hits in the style of Rage Against the Machine, and then just cover RATM tracks.

It won’t fool anyone but at least they’ll know who the better band is.

Stay safe for another week!