Christmas presents under a tree

Sort your Secret Santa, stocking filler and Xmas gifts with some Foxy sparkle

Or #HappyChristmas

This was supposed to be a Christmas gift guide but, like a lot of things this year, it hasn’t really gone to plan.

I cannot give you details of the best toy to buy for a five-year-old nor the best game for a family to play on Christmas Day after stuffing themselves with turkey, sprouts, and – now you mention it – stuffing.

Christmas presents under a tree
This week’s Fiskal Policy has some tips about what to put under your tree for loved ones this Christmas (“Presents under the tree on Christmas morning” by Patrick Gillespie is licensed under CC BY 2.0.”)

But I can solve two Christmas gift problems for you – the first is what to buy for a Secret Santa present and the other is what to get your girlfriend or boyfriend if you want to buy jewellery but aren’t at the stage of your relationship where you want to spend big bucks on a diamond tiara.

There’s a jewellery brand out there called Fox which I first became aware of a few months ago because I follow the owner on TikTok and Twitter.

As someone who usually trawls Etsy for unique Christmas presents, I used to associate TikTok more with dances than dangly earrings but it is where you can find Fox products.

A blonde woman wears the Ingot necklace
The Ingot necklace is a very popular item from Fox (Picture from Fox Ltd)
A faux gold geometric ring on a hard surface
This faux gold geometric ring is called Gemini (Picture from Fox Ltd)

Yes, it’s a shop but it’s online on TikTok, and eBay. It’s the future of shopping if you’re in the market for high-end-looking but low-price-being jewellery. (And I assume you are because you’re still reading.) 

The prices start at £2.99, with the top price being £14.99 for a faux diamond and silver necklace set. 

That’s cheaper than chips (where I live a small portion of chips costs £3.50) and its a much nicer present to open on Christmas Day.

I’ll probably never be able to explain to everyone what happened in the last few months which has led – so far (but I’m hoping to fill them up in the coming weeks) to my blogs being mostly empty spaces where words should be.

But everything that has happened has made me reconsider my life.

A Silver Fox drip ring (Picture from Fox Ltd)
I didn’t know what a drip ring was until I saw them on the Fox site (Picture from Fox Ltd)
A faux gold ring from Fox Ltd
The faux gold Sunset ring is suitable for men and women (Picture from Fox Ltd)

And part of reconsidering has turned me from someone who was a “I don’t wear jewellery apart from watches” person to a “I have two pieces from Fox person”. 

I’m the proud owner of the Ingot geometric necklace and also the Kennedy cuff bracelet.

They are both unisex so would be ideal choices if you are buying for a boyfriend or a girlfriend – especially in the early stages of a relationship where you want something thoughtful but not too expensive, and something they can open in front of their grandparents. 

For Secret Santa I’d recommend you pay attention to what jewellery your person already wears and then get them a cooler version of that from Fox.

What I mean by that is don’t buy them earrings if they don’t have pierced ears.

A faux gold drip ring on a model's hand
This faux gold drip is called Y. I bet you can tell why (Picture from Fox Ltd)
The Ingot necklace on a green background
I have one of these necklaces (Photo from Fox Ltd)

What I mean by that is don’t buy them jewellery in silver if they usually only wear gold.

What I mean by that is buy them a drip ring. 

If, like me, you didn’t have any clue about what a drip ring is before seeing the Fox shop then it will make you seem like you know a lot about fashion and jewellery.

If, unlike me, you did know what a drip ring was before seeing the Fox shop then hopefully you will agree that there are some really special designs available on the site.

If I ever have a girlfriend I’m going to buy her a drip ring from Fox.

For now though I’m just going to wish you a happy time Christmas shopping – online in your warm home, rather than on the mean streets of town where everyone walks slowly and no-one seems to know what they want to get.

Stay safe for another week!