Christmas time things that need to stop

Or #Justdontdoit

Eventually – hopefully – there will be quite a few things here.

The first one is people who post on social media to say “Instead of sending Christmas cards this year we have donated to charity.”

The only time people need to be told why you haven’t sent Christmas cards is when you’re over 80 and so your card is seen as a sign that you’re still alive.

Anything before then is just signalling in a “Look at me and my matching shoes” style.

If you are going to say that you’ve donated to charity instead of giving me a card then I reserve the right to choose which charity (none of the big ones please – unless they provide an essential service that none of the smaller ones can do).

I’d also like to see evidence that the amount you have donated to charity is equivalent or more than the total amount you would have spend on cards and postage.