A man in a blue mask holds a thermometer

Has everyone got the lurgy? It’s not the best start to 2023

Or #Physicalhealthandmentalhealth

I was once told that news is the ordinary happening to the extraordinary – like the (at the time) Queen getting a cold – or the extraordinary happening to the ordinary.

These rules are generally still true, which is why you won’t see many stories out there about the lurgy.

A man in a blue mask holds a thermometer
It seems like everyone is ill at the moment (“A man in a medical mask holding a thermometer” by wuestenigel is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

But everyone you know will probably either have it, or know someone who has it, or will be getting it soon.

I’ve heard of people who have bruised ribs from coughing so much, and others who don’t know what side of Christmas we are on because they have been ill for so long.

These stories of illness are doing the rounds because everyone knows what it feels like to have a cold.

Everyone knows what it feels like to be shivering while also being feverishly hot.

And everyone knows how it feels to cough so much that you are violently sick and have a throbbing headache.

Because everyone knows what this feels like, everyone knows what to say and what to advise to help people get better.

When someone is physically ill there isn’t a feeling of guilt if they spend days and days in bed. They are resting and they are listening to their bodies.

This year – to follow on from my resolutions from last week – I want to do what I can to ensure people are as good at talking to each other about mental health issues as they are about talking about having a cold.

If people are not feeling 100% mentally then 2023 needs to be the year that they can talk about it, take a break to recover, and emerge the other side stronger.

Occasionally this year I will be writing some things about mental health, although Fiskal Policy will primarily be a pop culture blog, and they will be a lot more in-depth and thought out than this is.

I’m one of the everyone’s and I have the lurgy so proper thinking is difficult.

Fingers crossed everything is back to ‘normal’ one day soon!

Stay safe for another week!