Hotel Chocolat isn’t the best choice for Valentine’s Day

Or #Spendwisely

At the start of 2023 I wondered whether this is the year that people wake up to the fact that Hotel Chocolat chocolates aren’t that great.

There are a few of the ones in the packs of six that taste quite nice but the boxes definitely aren’t worth the money.

Most of the time I think that the chocolates have only become popular on the high street because the high cost makes people think they are special.

It’s similar to Five Guys – I went there once and it was the most disappointing experience of my life – and Krispy Kreme, where people think paying three times what the product is worth will mean they have a taste sensation.

We are now 29 days in to the year (well done for making it this far) and I’ve been sent a Valentine’s Day booklet for Hotel Chocolat (I’m on the mailing list because I ordered some of the six packs for other people).

The chances of me sending anyone chocolates on Valentine’s Day are very slim, unless something changes in the next fortnight.

If I did I would try and find some from Leonidas because I think they are the best on the high street, although they aren’t on many high streets these days.

I’m from the days when Belgian chocolates were seen as a luxury item, rather than being sold by the bucket load in Marks &Spencer, so buying Leonidas for someone was a special thing to do.

The Valentine’s Day leaflet from Hotel Chocolat has a selection of boxes to choose for a loved one, ranging from a little one at £14.50 to a more sizeable one at £42 which is supposed to be for a hopeless romantic.

Forrest Gump said you never know what you’re gonna get but in most of the Hotel Chocolat boxes there are [their words] “pralines, caramels and fruits in milk, white and dark”.

The orange and strawberry ones always get left to last in chocolate boxes so it makes sense that Hotel Chocolat expanded the amount of fruit chocolates available – honest. 

My opinion isn’t really worth much but, despite this realisation, I advise everyone to steer clear of the fruit chocolates.

If your partner does like a couple of Hotel Chocolat varieties then you’d be better off buying a few of the packs of six and making your own box.

If they don’t like Hotel Chocolat varieties then winner, winner, chicken dinner. They are definitely a keeper.

Stay safe for another week!