Sam Smith in a black inflated latex outfit

Sam Smith, Harry Styles and the fashion police at the Brit Awards 2023

Or #Justwhy

Imagine wearing a black inflated latex suit that makes you look like a massively overdone air fryer roasted chicken.

Then imagine doing that on a red carpet in front of the world’s media and a TV audience.

Sam Smith in a black inflated latex outfit
Sam Smith chose this outfit to walk the red carpet at the Brit Awards 2023 (Picture courtesy of The Brits)
The outfit didn’t go down well with people watching at home

Then imagine regretting your decision and wondering what you’ve done.

One person that doesn’t need to imagine this scenario is Sam Smith because that’s what they wore on the Brit Awards red carpet last night.

The look on their face seems to sum up what everyone else was thinking – just why.

It was truly a horrendous outfit. There is something when the trousers are described as a latex sculpture rather than just being clothes.

Also trying their best to win the worst red carpet outfit was Harry Styles.

What was going on with the big black flowery thing?

Harry Styles wearing a black jacket and a black massive fabric rose
Harry Styles and his massive ‘rose’ on the red carpet (Picture courtesy of The Brits)

Why didn’t he think it would be nice to wear a shirt underneath his jacket?

I’ve got so many questions.

On social media last night some people said they were shocking old people in the same way that parents were shocked by punk and David Bowie.

I don’t agree with this view at all.

Punk and David Bowie would have been shocking to some people because they were doing things entirely new and different and coming up with new sounds.

The only thing shocking about Harry Styles and Sam Smith is that they weren’t arrested by the fashion police.

Stormzy wearing a light blue suit and white shirt on the Brits red carpet
Thankfully you can always rely on Stormzy to dress nicely (Picture courtesy of The Brits)

Their music isn’t shocking. It’s just not very original and is actually quite annoying.

For non-UK readers, the Brit Awards is a music awards ceremony where supposedly the best musicians are honoured for their efforts over the past year.

Last year hardly anyone cared enough to watch it on TV so they moved the event to a Saturday (aka last night) to try and get a bigger audience.

It worked because 3.3 million watched it on TV, which is around half a million more than watched it in 2022.

But supposedly it was still the third lowest watched awards in its 47-year history.

To get the viewers back they need to get better acts on and they need the controversial things to happen at the awards itself, not just on the red carpet.

Ellie Goulding posing on the red carpet wearing a black breastplate
Ellie Goulding wore a breastplate to The Brits (Picture courtesy of The Brits)
Stormzy on The Brits back in 2018

There will never be awards like the time Jarvis Cocker ‘mooned’ Michael Jackson.

But there should have at least been some controversial winners speeches talking about why nurses need a payrise, instead of thanking their labels.

Music used to be a form of protest song, but at the Brit Awards it was all far too much about compliance.

Not even Stormzy had a go at the current regime, unlike back in 2018.

I’m still very likely to watch next year but I’m fully prepared to be as disappointed as that time I went to Five Guys.

Stay safe for another week!