Caribou in Autumn by blmiers2

Eleven tunes to make the autumnal days go with a bang


Regular readers will remember back in June I gave you 11 suggestions for a sexy summer soundtrack – tunes to barbecue to and songs to pretend you are at a festival to.

Time doesn’t fly when every day seems like a version of the same but we are now, believe it or not, in September so it’s time for an autumnal array of artists – songs to ease you into the darkness of shorter days and longer nights, leaves on the ground and – this coming week especially – uncertainty about how to dress for whatever the weather may be.

It’s a very pretty scene as the autumnal colours reach Alaska and this carabou looks for food in Denali National Park
(“Caribou in Autumn – Animal – Wildlife – Alaska” by blmiers2 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 )

Similarly to June’s selection, most of these songs are newish but (there’s always a but) Britpop Memories on Twitter made me realise there were two important musical anniversaries this week so we should start with those.

First up it was the 25th anniversary of the Help album – it was a fundraiser for War Child and to this day I’m still not sure why I never owned a copy.

All the tracks are great but for today’s selection I think Mourning Air by Portishead has to be the one.

Then there’s the 26th anniversary of Suede‘s We Are The Pigs. It’s still a fantastic track with a still good video.

Now – on to some stuff from this year (mostly)!

I’ve been listening to a lot of Mojaxx on Twitch on a Wednesday night and I Need from the XDSX EP by DJ Oakland comes from that.

And now for something completely different! Zola Courtney is described by BBC Introducing as soft Cornish R&B.

I like a Cornish pasty and Cornish cream teas (apart from the tea bit) and I quite like track (called Blame) too.

Next up is Lady Ice with First. Rapping with a Mancunian twang!

If you like dancing and swearing you’ll love Eat this Bass by Haiku Hands (this one isn’t 2020 but I think that’s okay).

When I was 16 I was a big fan of shouty girl pop – in the vein of Helen Love and Period Pains. This is the Summer by Dream Nails ticks all of those boxes.

Sometimes you just need songs to warm you through and this next tune, Places We Go by Rascalton, is one of those. I can imagine dancing to it in an indie club if clubs are ever deemed to be safe places we go again. (Dancing while wondering “Is this the new one from Maximo Park?”)

Similarly timeless is 5000 Miles by BLOXX. It’s got a last tune of the night kind of vibe when the lights come on in the club and you realise the person you’ve been admiring from afar for hours is someone you should have gone to say hi to.

I’m going to say the singer of the next track sounds like the frontwoman from Bellatrix in the mid to late-90s and hope you know who I’m talking about (if not you can always look up the band on the infobahn aka the internet) – mixed with Sleater Kinney style attitude. It’s called Hunger for a Way Out by Sweeping Promises.

To finish, how about a new version of an old track? HAIM put on one of my favourite shows in recent years (not too recent because y’know coronavirus) – I think it might have been Brixton Academy – and this remix of Summer Girl is super good.

If I ever manage to have a housewarming I’ll play the tracks there and you can check out the Spotify playlist so you can play them when you’re deciding what to wear for an autumnal day.

Stay safe for another week!