The one with the Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reunion

Or #Thethreestagesoflife

My life can be defined as fitting into three very separate categories:

Category One: The years in which I didn’t know there was a video clip of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reading from a script with Morgan Freeman doing a lot of narration, with contributions also from Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey, John Legend and others.

(For many of those years the clip obviously didn’t exist because it was filmed during the pandemic and, even though it feels like it has, that hasn’t been going on for years.)

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston
I’m sure the reason why Brad Pitt is wearing a pirate hat is explained somewhere in the plot (Picture is a screenshot from a @JamieCinematics tweet )
Morgan Freeman is the king of narrators
Morgan Freeman is the king of narrators (Picture is a screenshot from a @JamieCinematics tweet )
The table read featured an all-star cast
The table read featured an all-star cast (Picture is a screenshot from a @JamieCinematics tweet )

Category Two: The time between watching a short section of it on Twitter and not knowing what was happening and why it was happening and doing a bit of research (the internet is my friend).

Category Three: An age of enlightenment when I’ve realised why it happened. This category will obviously at some point overtake the other two in terms of length – but at the time of writing it is only 10 minutes long.

I want to start by looking back at Category Two. I saw it – like so many things these days – on Twitter, just a short – 2 minute and 17 seconds – clip which consisted mainly of Pitt (while wearing a pirate hat) reading from a script in which the thrust of the scene is Aniston’s character walking in on him while he is – in newspaper speak – performing a sex act on himself in a bathroom.

I didn’t recognise the dialogue. I did not know it was from a movie (like a lot of people I’ve watched a lot of movies but not all movies) so, for all I knew, it could just have been Aniston and Pitt talking about an incident from their marriage.

I spent a lot of time in Category Two, not knowing what was going on
Shirtless in a car parked in a garage
Shirtless in a car parked in a garage – and why the hell not? (Picture is a screenshot from a @JamieCinematics tweet )
Brad is finding it a bit awkward
Brad Pitt found some parts of the script a bit awkward while Jennifer Aniston seemed to take it all in her stride-ish (Picture is a screenshot from a @JamieCinematics tweet )
Jennifer Aniston after discovering Brad
You’d have the same expression if you walked in on a man performing a sex act on himself (Picture is a screenshot from a @JamieCinematics tweet )

It was almost like walking back from the toilets in a pub and realising you missed out on the start of a great conversation but to interrupt and say “what did I miss?” would completely destroy the flow and you just know it won’t be as good for everyone else the second time round.

I cannot be sure Category Three would exist if I wasn’t going to be writing about the clip for this.

But sometimes things need to happen so other things can happen. This is one of those times.

Don’t read on until you have watched the clip above and are in a WTF state for at least a few moments (aka embracing Category Two).

People who instantly recognised the dialogue as being from Fast Times at Ridgemont High please stand up and make yourself known – I want you in my pub quiz team.

Bustle informs me the table read happened on Thursday (so for once I wasn’t super late with the news because I think I first saw the clip on Friday morning).

Julia Roberts is loving it
Julia Roberts was really loving it (Picture is a screenshot from a @JamieCinematics tweet )
Julia Roberts really is loving it
And by loving it I mean really really loving it (Picture is a screenshot from a @JamieCinematics tweet )

Apparently it was first streamed on the Facebook page of Sean Penn’s non-profit organisation CORE (Community Organised Relief Effort), so was a fundraiser/ awareness raiser without being cringe.

As well as those already mentioned, others also acting in the piece included Sean Penn, Henry Golding, Jimmy Kimmel, Ray Liotta, Shia LaBeouf and Dane Cook.

Bustle has watched far more of the table read than I have and would like everyone to pay particular notice to Julia Roberts’s reaction as Pitt and Aniston act out their salacious scenes – you definitely get a taste of that in the scene I have seen.

In Category Three there is also the relief it was a video of actors doing something they can do, rather than the poorly received ‘Everyone is in this together and sad’ video from the early days of the pandemic – by a bunch of celebs who should have known better.

Maybe I’ll try and track down the full table read of the film, or even just watch the 1982 original.

Stay safe for another week!


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