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Daphne and Celeste Save the World

Or #Oohstickyou

Is it time for a Slipknot and Daphne & Celeste collaboration? I’m serious guys. If there was ever a time for this in history this strange world of Covid-19 is it.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about – here’s a quick history lesson (maybe you could even include it as part of your homeschooling) involving the far away past (aka 1999) and the near past (aka last Thursday):

The video includes a lift/ elevator – remember those?
Sing along if you know the words

(One of my regrets about my time at university is not travelling to London much to see bands. But always when I did I had a super memorable time. One of those times was Ooberman at the Astoria but this history lesson isn’t about then.)

This is about a time in 1999 when my friend and I were obviously the coolest kids at university so took the train to Waterloo East. Why? So we could get the Tube to Wembley Arena because we had tickets to see B*Witched – obvs.

Being the cool kids we were we took a detour to Rough Trade Records in Ladbroke Grove and it was a very significant detour.

We got off at the right Tube stop but after then my sense of direction failed us and we spent a long time trying to find our way to the record shop. (Remember the days without maps on phones.) It was a long time.

It’s the kind of length of time which would be acceptable to mention at my funeral with a joke about how I only made it there on time because I’m dead so someone else did the navigation.We made it there eventually and then got to the concert in time to see the support act (I told you we were cool) – Daphne & Celeste.

Out of all the thousands of people there I’d wager we were the oldest people there who hadn’t taken their child with them. I’ll never forget the look on a dad’s face as I was dancing to Blame it On the Weatherman or similar and trod on his toe.

Maybe I should have blamed standing on a man’s foot on the weatherman, not on my dancing

But yes this part of history is about Daphne & Celeste. The (then) bubblegum pop trio from New Jersey, USA, came on wearing the cheerleader outfits they used to have back in the day and sung the hits Ooh, Stick You, U.G.L.Y. and some others.

And they were a lot of fun. The crowd had fun, they had fun and we all danced a lot.

Fast forward to the year 2000 when they did – or at least planned to do – more than a couple of songs at Reading Festival.

Yep, Reading Festival. In the days when the other attractions on the bill were Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Rage Against the Machine and My Vitriol someone thought it wise to put the duo on the main stage on the Sunday afternoon.

I didn’t go (I’ve never been to Reading Festival fact fans) but will never forget the footage.

They played for as long as they could but eventually there were just too many bottles being thrown.

The metalheads did not like the tunes
Daphne & Celeste came back in a big way with this track

And that was the last most people saw of them for years – until they popped up 15 years later with a new single.

Popped up because the track was still pop but a very different sound. Less teenage pop (obvs) and more feel good electropop.

If you missed it five years ago then take a listen now. It’s definitely worth it.

It was at a time when a lot of indie bands had been reforming so I wondered the same about Daphne & Celeste. Were they going to try and get to the top of the charts again? But then I read an interview where one of them said they were just going to release a single every 15 years and then fade away again.

So, time fans, I worked out that would see another single coming in 2030 but then – a few weeks ago I was checking the lineup for Tim’s Twitter Listening Parties to keep myself amused during the third lockdown and noticed Daphne & Celeste scheduled for January 28th.

Hands up who remembers London Underground
Back in 2018 some people were aware there was a Daphne & Celeste album to go with their first single
There are so many amazing acts on this lineup

If you aren’t familiar with the concept already – Tim Burgess from The Charlatans invites bands to talk about their albums on Twitter while fans follow along and everyone uses the hashtag #TimsTwitterListeningParties to share their memories while listening to the album together.

I was surprised to see Daphne & Celeste in the list because I really did think the single in 2015 was just that, a single on its’ own. And I didn’t think the first album would really fit alongside the other albums that have been featured in the listening parties.

But no, there is a whole second album out there. And – spoiler alert – it really is rather good.

I almost didn’t go to the listening party because some friends and I were going to do the quiz everyone does on a Thursday but instead we forgot about Jay – and so I went to the listening part-ay.

It’s good enough that I’m considering buying it on vinyl. But for Thursday night, which was my first listen to it ever, I chose YouTube and just followed along with the tweets.

Daphne and Celeste are a bit of brightness during a dark lockdown
I’d ask ‘is it more than a coincidence that Daphne & Celeste are in a Rough Trade photobooth in Bristol 19 years after I was in Rough Trade in London?’ but it is clearly just a coincidence
Could they make Slipknot do an electropop number?

If you weren’t there for the listening party you can do a Twitter rewind and get all the facts and fun from the event.

Facts and fun including from producer and musician Max Tundra who was instrumental in getting them to record the second album after messaging them on social media. All I’d like if I contact them on Twitter is for a retweet so all their followers see this week’s Fiskal Policy!

And I think Max is the man to be able to make a Slipknott and Daphne & Celeste collaboration happen. How good would it be if the same metalheads who bottled them off back in 2000 were singing along in 2022?

I was today years old when I learned Slipknot’s Corey Taylor comforted Daphne & Celeste after they were bottled off at Reading – and the now comedian James Acaster was one of the metalheads in the crowd. So . . . it’s not beyond the realm of possibilities for the musical matchup to happen, and maybe with Acaster giving some kind of guest comedic vocals.

Stranger things have happened in these pandemic times!