Last night a DJ saved my life

Or #Aslongaswehavemusicwewillbeokay

During the first lockdown when I finished work I’d get off my seat and lie down on the floor.

It was partly to stretch out my back, partly because I didn’t have any furniture to lie on and partly because I didn’t know what to do with myself in the gap between 5pm and 7.30pm without a long commute. (I’d usually only lie down for an hour – never a full commute time!)

Annie Mac at Avalon
Annie Mac doing what she does best – I’m super jealous of the past when people could go out and watch DJs play (“Annie Mac @ Avalon” by Drew ‘Rukes’ Ressler is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
DJ Yoda by Duncan Street
As far as I can tell there are hardly any twats with their phones recording the gig and most people (in the olden days) are just experiencing the moment as DJ Yoda accompanies some great tunes with amazing visuals (“DJ YODA” by D Street is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Mojaxx back in the days when we were allowed to go outside to places more exciting than the supermarket or the park

One day I made it to the park in the sunshine and laid down there, taking pictures of my knees and the trees to mark the occasion.

I don’t lie on the floor as much anymore but these days it seems even harder to be optimistic about the future – and it is definitely much harder to keep entertained during this lockdown because there are far fewer events on.

Last year there were listening parties and bands doing live gigs. NT Live was a thing I think a lot of you enjoyed.

This year the closest I’ve got to a live gig is Sophie Ellis-Bextor on Instagram Live doing a kitchen disco.

So I’m forever thankful to three DJs who are providing a soundtrack to get me through lockdown.

Don’t get stressed about social distancing – this video was filmed in 2017
Progrezz keeps me going every week
We are now all getting used to live gigs without an audience

I’ve worked out that if I leave the house almost as soon as work finishes at 5pm I can run four miles and get back in time for Annie Mac on Radio 1.

Listening to her on my phone while I’m in the shower I can dance around and hope I don’t slip over.

The tunes and getting ready always make me think I’m preparing to go out somewhere – until I look at my outfit and discover it is just a hoodie, an old tshirt and indoor trousers with two non-matching socks and realise the closest I’ll get to going out that night is to the bin store in the car park in my block of flats.

Annie Mac has been a firm favourite of mine for years, especially since I saw her play in Cardiff for Freshers Week in 2004, and I’m very grateful for her changing my routine from lying on the floor to getting out the door, running then listening to tune after tune.

Regular readers will know my delight at discovering a DJ called Mojaxx during the first lockdown.

Look what I’ve found – it’s the DJ set from the Instagram picture near the top of this episode!
Just one of DJ Yoda’s themed AV shows on Twitch – this one is super Christmassy
People would be a lot more willing to go back to the office after the pandemic if they had a club in the corner, like they do here

He now does more nights on Twitch than I can keep up with but Progrezz from 10pm UK time on a Wednesday night is a firm favourite of mine.

All the music on the show is new out that week and even if it hadn’t been then I still probably wouldn’t have heard it before – it’s mostly progressive house which isn’t what I would have normally listened to before the pandemic but it’s a great night and everyone in the Twitchfam (if you know you know) is super friendly. Definitely one to check out on Twitch.

There was a point during the pandemic (aka August) when DJ Yoda no longer did a weekly show on Twitch. No longer could people enjoy his amazing selection of tunes combined with great visuals.

Well, just like the vaccine we all need, I’m delighted to say he’s been back on Twitch on Wednesday nights during the past few weeks and all the shows have been incredible.

I hope to see them all properly live in the future (maybe at Fiskmas – if you don’t know what Fiskmas is then you’re missing out) but for now I just wholeheartedly recommend you tune into all of them – BBC Sounds for Annie Mac and Twitch for DJ Yoda and Mojaxx.

And yes, for anyone who has been asking, if Fiskal Policy came out on Thursday or Friday I may well have looked at the goings on and the going viral of Handforth Parish Council.

Putting this here just in case you haven’t seen it – where have you been?

Instead I’m recommending this NME story about it and this sea shanty.

And if this had come out tomorrow I would have written about the Superbowl (come on Buccaneers!) and how I’m sad to not be making the journey to Hayes, West London, like I did last year.

Anyhoo . . .

Stay safe for another week!