Fiskal Policy's summer playlist

Twelve tremendous tracks for a barbecue summer

Or #Scorchio

An old housemate of mine used to play James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful over and over again to mask the sound of him having sex.

You could hear it halfway down the street and I never knew if people knew we were in a shared house or if they just thought we were a family of James Blunt fans.

Fiskal Policy's summer playlist
Put the tunes on, put your biggest smile on (and sun cream on) and get ready for summer fun (“Tomorrowland 2013 main stage day1” by Mixtribe Photo is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0)

It got so bad I tweeted James Blunt to ask him to let my housemate know (somehow – maybe through telepathy) that he had more songs than just that one.

So it is perhaps no surprise that the Fiskal Policy summer playlist doesn’t contain any James Blunt tracks.

Hopefully the blend of mostly newish with a bit of old mixed in will make your barbecues and garden parties be a bit more of a scorcher.

Sun’s out, guns out and chill out with these top 12 tunes.

Usually there is a lull at the start of a barbecue party where no-one wants to take responsibility for lighting the charcoal in case they get stuck with the cooking for the entire event so stare at the potato salad.

Get the dancing started early by putting on SL’s Versus (featuring M1llionz).

This will get the party going

Then take things on to a dance tip with The Blessed Madonna‘s mix of the Jungle track Keep Moving.

It’s a garden-filler

Take a trip down memory lane (if you remember it) with Todd Edwards and When Angels Sing (feat. Arianna Umit).

Do you remember when this came out?

Lose yourself in the original mix of Brothers On Acid & Sisters Feel Love by Jens Lissat.

Feel the love

Next up is Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris‘s One Kiss – just in case you need one track where your party guests will be able to sing along to the chorus. But it’s the Oliver Heldens remix because it is a party afterall.

One kiss is all you need

With the next one you need to imagine you’re in the queue for the bar at the club because it’s your round but you just want to be dancing.

It’s the Hollen remix of Molecular Injection by Devid Dega and Luca B.

If it’s hot outside then put the tunes on

Apricots, nectarines and peaches are all summer fruits but only one – as far as I know – is the title of a track by Bicep. It’s Apricots.

What’s your favourite fruit?

I discovered this next track thanks to BBC Radio 1’s One Big Weekend, keeping me happy with tunes throughout the bank holiday weekend.

It’s on Trick Records and it is Acid Fantasy by Ammara.

‘Lipstick stains I can’t remember her name’

Also on Trick is Rona Lisa by Edd.

Rona Lisa, not to be confused with Mona Lisa

Bringing the dance section of the playlist to a close is Overmono’s track If U Ever.

This is the lead single from fabric presents Overmono, which is out in July

If you remember the Fiskal Policy spring playlist you’ll remember I do like a bit of Wolf Alice so here is an oldie but goodie, Don’t Delete the Kisses remixed by Tourist.

Anyone who remembers Baz Luhrmann’s Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen may see the similarities in this next track – by Self Esteem.

Think of it as a way to give your guests some advice, and also get them to go home.

Self Esteem talks a lot of sense in this track

Check out the Spotify playlist so you can play all the tunes in your garden or while relaxing canalside.

Stay safe for another week!