Betty Boop Christmas

Eight things you need to know about Fiskmas

Or #Someguideaboutthebestwintryfestival

If I was Annie in Community I’d ask someone to teach me how to understand Christmas.

But what would she do if she discovered there was a different, altogether more secret and private, festival a few weeks before Jesus’s official birthday? That festival is Fiskmas and now it is all over I’ll tell you about it.

What would Annie say about Fiskmas?

In fact I’ll tell you eight things about it:

It is a super exclusive event
Unlike Fiskfest and, eventually, Fiskoff, Fiskmas is an exclusive event with a main guest list of two.

It started back in (I believe) 2005 when I lived in Orpington and my friend lived in Swindon. He would come to London for a weekend in December to get Christmas presents and we’d throw in a lot of fun too.

Some people have come along for the Fiskmas ride occasionally but at its’ heart there have only ever been two people.

Fiskmas dinner is always immense
By ‘dinner’ I mean the breakfast on the Sunday of Fiskmas, after a night of drinking/ partying.

It always involves a lot of sausages, which in the olden days were purchased over several months from the reduced section at Waitrose.

This year the only reduced ones were some strange Co-Op hot dog efforts at 60p for four. (They weren’t great.)

Also on the plate were Kielbasa with potatoes, onions and mushrooms, Tuscan sausages from a delicatessen in Hampstead Heath, Welsh spicy pork sausages, goat sausages from Cheshire.

Life isn’t all about sausage though.

There were McCain’s potato Minions, baked beans, hash browns, pain au chocolat, and bacon.

And, what is probably a world first, a Turkey Twizzler nestled next to a lobster, purchased from the fishmonger near my home.

Ah yes, and some donuts ate later on the walk between two bars in Croydon.

I told you it was immense.

The rest of the blog should follow shortly