‘Brain spangling bosh territory’ with DJ Lilly Palmer taking control all over the world

Or #WeTakeControl

Some say the hardest bit about being single is knowing that you’re going to die alone.

But the hardest bit is actually knowing there are amazing things going on in the world that you’ll never experience because there is no-one to go with.

DJ Lilly Palmer is wearing a black tshirt and is in a DJ box playing to thousands of people
I’m really unsure where I first heard or saw Lilly Palmer DJing (Photo by Phillip Grewe)
I was very happy when this mix came out because I think I have seen all of the other DJ Lilly Palmer videos

Friends are great but they are much less likely than a lover is to agree to fly halfway around Europe to see a DJ you’ve only ever seen on YouTube.

This is especially true when you’re 24 only when you put the numbers back to front, and a lot of your friends think going to bed at 10pm is an acceptable thing to do.

If you were picturing yourself while reading any of the above then – snap!

Will you take me to see DJ Lilly Palmer at Fabric in July?

Lilly Palmer is on stage at Polarize in Germany with fire in the foreground
Imagine being part of the crowd when DJ Lilly Palmer is on at Polarize in Germany (Photo by Phillip Grewe)
DJ Lilly Palmer listens to her headphones while DJing
Checking the beats while entertaining the masses (Photo by Phillip Grewe)
Here be a clip of DJ Lilly Palmer at Polarize

The kind of music Lilly plays was never my thing when growing up so the friends I have who were into it have either grown old or we grew apart years ago.

But being contained in an flat in South London for months on end during Covid lockdowns changed my outlook on life.

I want to dance to more than just guitar music (although I am obviously very excited about Indie Amnesty on May 13) and want to live like common people who dance until dawn/ lunchtime.

And somewhere somehow during lockdown I discovered the music of Lilly Palmer. But I don’t know how or where.

This is a great set in Paris as the sun starts to go down
Is it me or are you getting The Matrix vibes?
Enjoy the tunes and the scenery on this Lilly Palmer boat trip

For a long time I would watch videos of her sets on YouTube and always questioned why it seemed that the only show she has done recently in England was in Liverpool – with the others being halfway round Europe.

Now though she’s playing Fabric in London on July 16th and I’d like to go.

So, for anyone who is reading this, here are my six reasons why you should take me to the show.

1. As an indie kid from the olden days I’m not a dancing to dance music aficionado, so watching me try might be fun for you.

2. She’s way ahead of her time with a recent auction of NFTs of her music or visuals or something or other. (Can you tell I don’t understand NFTs?)

Lilly Palmer has her back to the camera as she plays to the crowd
Hot fiery stuff indeed (Photo by Phillip Grewe)
DJ Lilly Palmer plays as the fire makes a mushroom-like shape
Is it me or does the fire look like a mushroom? (Photo by Phillip Grewe)
Here’s a quickie clip

3. The experience when the beat drops on her first track will be absolutely incredible (and yes I do hate the way “drops” has become a word to describe when something has been published or released when it should just relate to music).

4. Just watch the videos and see how much fun they are having. That’s how much fun we could be having.

5. I don’t have the language to explain just how amazing her tracks are so hope WhenWeDip won’t mind me quoting from their review of her EP on Drumcode records:

“We Control’ is a satisfying label debut exhibiting her stealth-like ability to work a dancefloor with a variety of driving techno moods. The title track embodies a key-driven Motor City vibe, before thrilling waves of jagged synths and ravey effects take the cut into brain spangling bosh territory.”

DJ Lilly Palmer getting down at Polarize
There are more than six reasons why DJ Lilly Palmer is amazing but there isn’t space to list them all (Photo by Phillip Grewe)
There is a fridge at the back of the picture in case Lilly Palmer gets thirsty
The fridge at the back of this shot reminds me of the Red Bull fridge when Mojaxx plays on a Wednesday night (Photo by Phillip Grewe)
I’m not convinced everyone in this club knows exactly where they are

6. She’s an absolutely incredible performer who knows how to drive the crowd wild with her techno beats and a look that’s absolutely on fleek.

Leather trousers seem to be her favourite, rather than the PVC of Alex Haddow and Marijne Van der Vlught from a recent episode of Fiskal Policy, but in a similar vein.

Similar because they are all absolutely amazing women who bring me a lot of joy and you should check out their DJing, their comedy and their tunes tunes tunes.

Stay safe for another week!