Nasty Nick is the best character from Big Brother

Five things to know for the week ahead (that you don’t need to know about)

Or #NextweekImightwriteaboutEncanto

Remember back in the day when Buzzfeed started with listicles and quizzes about cats.

This is a bit like that but without any questions about cats.

1. The Asda back-to-school advert
Asda has been stuck in a world of awful adverts for a couple of years now (or at least it has felt like years).

The back-to-school advert involves children “rapping” about going back to school which is supposed to encourage parents to buy trousers with knees that can be easily stitched up after a child falls over in the crumbly asphalt playground.

This really is an appallingly bad advert

It would be bad enough in the last week of August but it starts appearing on advert breaks during the first week of summer holidays. Life is tough enough for children these days without their summer holidays being ruined by Asda reminding them about impending doom.

2. Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss
One of them is going to be the next Prime Minister of the UK.

Both of them have come up with policies that really wouldn’t win them the keys to Number 10 if there was a General Election.

Truss is the frontrunner and has been practicing for the job by doing a u-turn about salaries for public sector workers.

Here is a clip where Liz Truss is doing some talking
Here is a clip where Rishi Sunak is doing some talking

For some reason Sunak thinks the best way to win the hearts of the Conservative Party members who will be voting for him (aka a lot of grey haired folk who went to university when it didn’t cost thousands of pounds in fees) is by screwing around with the university system.

3. Tiredness
Is anyone else absolutely exhausted at the moment? I’m supposed to be training for a half marathon but I’m usually living in a world of being too tired and find myself falling asleep.

4. Mock the Week
The comedy panel show Mock the Week is coming to an end after 17 years on BBC (with repeats on Dave).

If you live outside the United Kingdom you might never have seen Mock the Week. This clip will give you an idea of the show

I’m not sure how I feel about this because I have very mixed emotions about comedians at the moment. At least if they are filming Mock the Week they aren’t doing podcasts (comedians talking on a podcast is just people talking and it isn’t funny) or those awful comedian travel shows.

5. Big Brother is coming back
Apparently this was a big secret until it was revealed on ITV 2 during an advert break in the Love Island final last week. Maybe I was dreaming it but I’m sure it’s old news because I’m sure I saw an advert for contestants months ago. Did I apply? There’s only one way to find out!

Nasty Nick was the best Big Brother character

Stay safe for another week!