Trying to have a hot man summer: My weight loss journey

Or #Losingthemoobs

Every Monday I take my top off and pose for some photos that I’ll send via an app to a man I’ve never met.

It’s what I did last Monday and the Monday before that and I’ve been doing it since the end of June. Tomorrow will be no different.

Weight loss picture
This isn’t me, I found the image online (Picture by Bariatric Solutions (a Dallas weight loss surgery center) – “Before and after weight loss surgery” by jackiebese is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0)

In the world of the pandemic, this is what weightloss looks like.

My weight has gradually crept up on me over the years and although I knew there was an issue I never dealt with it properly.

I could run all the miles in the world (although I barely run enough miles and I have a half marathon in September) but I would still drink too much and eat too many crisps.

So when I was late-night scrolling on Insta one day and saw an advert for a company that help people improve their fitness and lose weight, it seemed like the best-targeted advert ever.

My goal is to be around 12 stone but there is a long way to go for that. For now my goal is just to be the weight I was before I started my current job (I’m leaving there soon so it seems like a good time to lose lots of pounds).

I know everyone knows how to lose weight but telling myself I shouldn’t have chips and lager wasn’t working for me. Telling myself I need to run six miles wasn’t working for me.

I need the man I have never met to tell me off when I had a sandwich for lunch and to tell me that 50g is the right amount of pasta to have in a portion.

I need him to put together a workout plan full of exercises which, before starting this at the end of June, I’d only seen on Instagram and had never done.

I need to live in a world where a beef burger is an okay thing to have for lunch if it is served with the aforementioned 50g of pasta, but if it is dinner time then it has to be with salad or vegetables.

And, in this world I need to remember that chicken is better than beef burger.

It’s a world where if I’m on my way home late and I have no food in the house I’ll go to Sainsbury’s to pick up some roast chicken thighs and a salad, instead of going to the fried chicken shop down the road.

This is a world where I’m not going to be in time for a hot boy summer, but I have lost a stone so far so am hoping to lose at least another one by the end of August.

It’s a world where maybe I’ll be happy dating because I’ll be happier with myself.

It’s a world where I need to go and do my exercises (not a euphemism) so I don’t get told off.

Stay safe for another week!