Christmas fun times in 2015

The ultimate Christmas 2020 party soundtrack

Or #allkillernofiller

Quite some time ago (not a tales as old as time situation – around 12 years ago) I used to get invited to a friend’s Christmas party in Chiswick where one of the guests would tell stories about working with Cliff Richard.

I haven’t been invited to a Christmas house party for years and this year it’s even less likely to happen (because the friends I have aren’t the kind of people to put the lives of others in danger).

Christmas fun times in 2015
A flashback to the days when sitting on the laps of strangers while they were dressed as Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was okay – because it was Christmas
Nowadays your best chance of having real life dancing fun is if you are made of plastic (“Lego Hardcore Scene” by Vincent Teeuwen is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

No bother though – this week’s Fiskal Policy follows on from the summer playlist in June and the autumn playlist in September with some winter tunes to be the soundtrack to your non-existent Christmas party. They are guaranteed to keep you smiling indoors and outdoors.

First up is a track I heard from the first time on Progrezz night with Mojaxx on Twitch on Wednesday night. He described it as the tune of the year and it is pretty epic.

It’s a Moby track and to be honest I hadn’t been aware he was still making music (and now cannot look at a picture of him without thinking of the dean in Community) – but I’m really glad he is.

Moby’s Too Much Change ft. Apollo Jane is definitely an epic track

Next up is something completely different – the latest tune by The Smashing Pumpkins, from the band’s 11th studio album.

I’ve never seen them live (and kind of lost interest when Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness came out and also when D’Arcy Wretzky left in 1999) but am loving this new one.

This is the first The Smashing Pumpkins album I have been properly aware of for years

I’m also not sure if I’ve ever seen Throwing Muses live.

But I am sure this track, Frosting, from Sun Racket, their 10th studio album, is incredible.

Frosting by Throwing Muses is a) incredible b) following an unintentional pattern of music videos in black and white

You could play this one by Confidence Man and pretend you’ve remixed it yourself:

All parties need a really good remix and the Raf Rundell’s Party Nails remix of Confidence Man’s First Class Bitch ticks the box

Christmas adverts usually have a cover of a classic song (apart from this year’s John Lewis ad).

This track by Ghost Suns isn’t on a Christmas ad and it is also from the summer rather than being new – but it isn’t pretty special.

Do you think this cover of Hurt by Ghost Suns is better than the original?

If you believe in the Christian God you probably believe that Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem on a donkey and there Mary gave birth to Jesus in a stable. It’s the first example of a Christmas road trip.

This year, to save you from tears and the 23rd December mass travel bonanza, Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa are on a Christmas road trip as bloody vampires.

It’s not exactly Chris Rea’s Driving Home for Christmas

If this was a Christmas party by now the sausage rolls would have come out of the oven (you can take your three for two party food of mini quiches, wontons and filo pastry wrapped prawns and shove them up your arse because what people want, what they really really want is cook from frozen – and brush the tops with milk – sausage rolls) and they’d be piping hot so you need a slower track to cool things down.

War – what is it good for? Kali Uchis doesn’t think it’s good for absolutely nothing

And if Christmas parties can include great music from the year, not just the past few months, then Ferris Wheel by Sylvan Esso has to be one to spin on the turntables (once I’ve plugged in my record player and on Spotify/ YouTube before then).

The latest album by Sylvan Esso might just be their best yet

With it being a Christmas party playlist it’s probably time to throw in a festive tune you’ve never heard of before – from the soundtrack to Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

Is it me or does the singer say Santy rather than Santa? (The song is definitely not new but it’s new to me.)

(NB: The playlist for this week has a version of this by Sloppy Seconds instead of the original because I cannot find just the theme tune on Spotify.)

Is Santa Claus Conquers the Martians ever shown on TV these days?

And one you heard years ago but have never quite heard it done like this before (unless you weren’t late to the party like I was, and you heard Bleached‘s version of the track last year).

Jingle Bells by Bleached is a much better version than the one children would have been playing on recorder at Xmas concerts if Covid-19 didn’t exist

And to end we have a 2020 style Christmas curveball: Daniel Avery‘s London Island.

It’s the kind of tune you might encounter at a wanky art Fiskfest event – lying in a darkened room with lots of strangers watching the video projected on to big screens on the walls – rather than a Christmas party, but it’s 2020 so anything goes!

I can imagine this tune being on at a party at 4am (I miss the life where I was still awake having fun at that time) in the morning when people are contemplating staying until sunrise

Check out the Spotify playlist so you can play all the tunes at your non-existent 2020 Christmas party.

(This week’s episode comes just days after Rishi Sunak’s spending review so, in theory, this week’s Fiskal Policy should have been about fiscal policy. But, to be honest, I just don’t have enough to say about an infrastructure bank.)

Stay safe for another week!